What it is.

TariffSuite B2B is an application that helps you to create rapidly tailored and accurate mobile offers for your existing or potential business customers.

TariffSuite B2B implements:

  • A module to extract the profiles of your existing customers from your internal systems.
  • An e-bill analysis module so that creation of offers for your potential customers goes through the same process as for your existing ones.
  • “What if” scenarios for the creation of the offers
  • A fast rating engine for the computation of the expected revenue and the associated costs.
  • A rich set of visualisations providing accurate and detailed views on the revenue and the profitability of each offer at customer or individual line levels.

How does it work?

Create your scenario

Create the usage profiles based on data retrieved from your internal data warehouse or upload your competitor’s e-bills for your target customer.

Assign commercially available rate plans and add-ons to a single MSISDN, a group of MSISDN’s or all MSISDN’s.

Select the discounts and subsidies you want to include in the offer.

Execute the scenario

Rapidly compute the expected revenue and the related costs thanks to the TariffSuite B2B fast rating engine.

Review and compare the results

Use the visualisation interface to analyse the revenue and the profitability of each offer at customer or individual line levels.

Compare all different scenarios, compare revenue and profit and select the most suitable offer you would like to propose to your customer.


Export the selected offer for approval.

The creation of timely and accurate offers is one of the most important part of the sales process. It is mission-critical!


Do the right things right.

Don’t waste time!

Your sales team can use the information already available in TariffSuite B2B to create their offers. They no longer have to rely on the availability of other departments to get the customer profiles extracted from your internal systems, to compute the revenue and to perform the P&L analysis.

By minimizing the interactions between departments involved in the quotation process, TariffSuite B2B significantly improves the efficiency of your direct sales process.

Be effective!

Unlike offers made in spreadsheets which are typically based on simplified configurations and traffic estimations, TariffSuite B2B supports complex models for the computation of the revenue and the costs. Its fast rating engine easily handles huge volumes of events, huge numbers of mobile lines, and a variety of rate plans, discounts and subsidies.

TariffSuite B2B maximises the accuracy of your offers and increases visibility and confidence both on the revenue as well as the profit side.

Arm your sales team as easy as one two three!

TariffSuite B2B offering includes full customization to match your brand identity. Product catalogue configuration is also performed by Neurocom as part of TariffSuite B2B customization.

Deploy on the cloud or on premise and allow your sales team to decrease offer preparation time and increase engagement and conversions that will boost your bottom line


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